NIN Live: 2005

March 31, 2005, London, UK, The Astoria

Beside You In Time Intro
The Frail
The Wretched
You Know What You Are?
March of the Pigs
The Line Begins To Blur
Terrible Lie
The Big Comedown
Gave Up
The Day The World Went Away
Even Deeper
The Hand That Feeds
Starfuckers Inc.
Head Like A Hole

Show Memorabilia

London Lithograph 2005/03/31 Ticket

Known Recordings

Source 1: Audio - AUD (Sony MZ-N1 + Marantz EM-8 mic)
Taper: Unknown
Time: 90 minutes
Rating: 4 out of 5
Hear a Sample: The Line Begins to Blur, 2 minutes
Download the Full Show: .zip file FLAC, 573.3 MB
Added to Archive: January 18th, 2011
I had a bad copy of this recording and said that there were beeps every 3-5 seconds in it. But I guess that it was a bad rip of the recording or something. I just got a new copy and uploaded it (01/2011) and it sounds much better!

Source 2: Audio - AUD (Sony ECM-717 + Sony MZ-N710 [LP2])
Taper: Rob Kismet
Time: 93 minutes
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Hear a Sample: Starfuckers Inc., 2 Minutes
Download the Full Show: .Zip File FLAC, 606.6 MB
Added to Archive: April 02nd, 2014
First released April 2014. A fantastic recording. I just want to send a big thank you to Rob for sharing his NIN recordings to the archive.