NIN Live: 2007

May 15, 2007, Melbourne, Australia, Metro Nightclub

You Know What You Are?
Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
The Frail
The Wretched
Capital G
The Line Begins To Blur
Help Me I'm In Hell
Me, I'm Not
The Good Soldier
The Big Come Down
No, You Don't
Down In It
The Day The World Went Away
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like a Hole

Known Recordings

Source 1: Audio - AUD (Sony ECM-DS70P + iRiver H320)
Taper: Kingbean
Time: 96 minutes
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Hear a Sample: No, You Don't, 2 Minutes
Download the Full Show: .Zip File FLAC, 538.5 MB
Added to Archive: December 02nd, 2009
Great recording. Here are some notes from the taper: "Fucking annoying guy to my right at the end of Capital G. Just shut uuuuuuuuuup. You'll hear him a few more times as well.I got sick of staring at the back of two really tall guys' heads so during Help Me... I jumped up and sat on the bench thing that was behind me. It was pretty uncomfortable but at least I could see, and I got better sound too."