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2009/05/10 Atlanta, Lakewood Amp. Exclusive Audio Release of NINJA Atlanta 2009

Top 25 NIN Songs Live

NIN Live is proud to announce the release of the NINJA 2009 audio from Atlanta. This project has been going on for sometime and we are happy to have exculsive rights to the audio portion of the release. Here is a blurb from one of the creators of the project Johnny Blaze. We all cannot wait for the next installment from the project, which is the video! Check the download seciton for more! - Ryan

The Reflecting in the Chrome recording of the week comes one year to the date after the 5/10/09 Atlanta NIN/JA show. A DVD is also in the works, edited by Matt Widner. Like AVOTT, our audio release is ready to go in advance of DVD release. This is a joint TOIOU/RITC release.

The audio matrix is a mix of three sources: JB, radiokid311, and Adam Lancaster's own two-recording matrix. I took the sources and lined them up in Ableton (, did some subtractive parametric EQing and multiband dynamics on the master. The sources add together beautifully, for all ranges of the frequency spectrum are present, only possible from a well done matrix. The sound is nearly soundboard in places.

The files in this release are Apple Lossless encoded with embedded track-by-track photographs taken by Maryelle St. Clare (see example photo below). This provides the best of both worlds: widest compatibility and losslessness. If you have not seen Maryelle's work please check out her site as her photos are fantastic:

The Atlanta show is a special one, for we got one of the only "special guests" of the NIN/JA tour, Saul Williams.

The video editing is in Matt Widner's hands and coming along nicely. An Atlanta AVOTT screening is in the works for this Summer and and exclusive preview of the ATL DVD will be shown at the screening.

Enjoy the release,
Johnny Blaze on behalf of NIN Live and TOIOU.

Direct Download of 24/48 Recording - 1.1 GB
Direct Download MP3 Version - 210 MB

2009.05.09 Atlanta, Lakewood Amphitheater Setlist

    March of the Pigs
    Something I Can Never Have
    The Becoming
    Head Down
    Mr. Self Destruct
    The Big Come Down
    Gave Up
    Gone, Still
    Survivalism (w/ Saul Williams)
    Banged and Blown Through (Saul Williams Song)
    Down in It
    The Hand That Feeds
    Head Like a Hole