TNIN Live: 1995

April 28, 1995, Saigon, Vietnam, Urban Outfitters Amphitheater

Mr. Self Destruct
Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
Gave Up
Dead Souls
Help Me I Am In Hell
Happiness In Slavery
Head Like a Hole
Kinda I Want To

Show Memorabilia

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Known Recordings

Source 1: Audio - AUD (Sonic Studio DSM-6/L + Sony TCD-D8)
Taper: DM
Time: 87 minutes - Incomplete
Rating: 2 out of 5
Hear a Sample: Piggy, 4 Minutes
Download the Full Show: .Zip File FLAC, 520.6 MB - EDS Filter Required
Added to Archive: December 31st, 2019
I was really surprised when I got an email that went to my spam box that was titled "the nine inch nails master dat." I was about to delete it, but opened it because I really leave no mail unturned. These days, I hardly get anything and have unsurfaced almost all of The Nine Inch Nails recordings that I have found in those 6 years that they toured. Not to mention any leads to new recordings, have pretty much been dead ends. They said they had the rarest recording of them all... Saigon 1995. I have heard rumors of it being out there, especially on the fan forum, "This Broken Machine" but it was all talk. Up until now... DM said he recorded it. I told him to send me the DAT tape if he was for real. No problem... I waited just a few days and here it is. In all of it's glory. I couldn't believe it. The holy grail of The Nine Inch Nails shows and the last that we have seen of Trent Reznor on stage. I had to brush all the dust off my DAT deck that thankfully my brother Adam, brought down during Thanksgiving to for transfers. I transferred it last night digitally, and to my surprise it is riddled with diginoise from the DAT tape... This is probably due to it being stored unproperly, or just sitting there not being played/used for almost 25 years. I've seen this happen to a lot of DATs. You can download the salvagable part above.

I asked DM last night through an email telling him about the problem on the tape and to see if he could shed any light on the performance itself. Hence, why I waited until this morning to post anything. I got a response this morning and here is what he wrote, "I remember buying a ticket to this show months in advance, as this was the first huge act to come through Saigon. I had seen them a few times before when I was living on the main land in Los Angeles. I traveled up and down the California coast to see them. But at the time, I was not taping. It was hot when TNIN hit the stage and they were playing all the hits from The Downward Spiral. But the whole night, something seemed off. I don't know if it was the heat, but Trent was in a precarious mood. I remember they changed out his keyboard 3 times during the show as he blew it to smithereens with his mic stand. He jumped into the crowd during Piggy and I thought he was going to blow his voice out during, "NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW." From DAT-HEADs digest, I had seen from other tapers on this tour that they had started the encore with songs off of Pretty Hate Machine. I was really hoping for Ringfinger. The beginning drone voices of "Kinda I Want To" began playing for the encore but Trent looked to the side of the stage (I assume to a tech) and said, "Stop... STOP." The song was aborted and after about a minute of darkness on stage, began "Hurt." Like the Manhattan Project liner notes stated, at the end of the song he just looked up and said, "Fuck you, you're never going to see me again." Pushed his keyboard over and walked off stage. The crowd was confused, hoping to see more. The house lights came on, and that was it. I had no idea that would be the last time that The Nine Inch Nails would perform. I was walking out of the venue and it seemed like some fan dropped the setlist! I have provided a scan of the setlist for your archive in this email. Life got in the way and the tape went unplayed until you got it. I am sorry that it doesn't play. Do you have an EDS filter? That may be the reason for the static. It may not be diginoise at all, but in your own head. I just listened to the sample with my filter and it sounds fine? I will send you one if you don't. They are somewhat hard to come by after what happened just a few weeks ago.

At this point, I am going to try a new DAT deck to see if it is just my player. I have another portable deck that will get here soon. I suggest you try and listen to this with your own EDS filter. It may work out just fine. I've been told that it may take a few seconds for it to calibrate for you when you are using the filter. I highly suggest checking out the sample to see if it works for you. I am always looking for old The Nine Inch Nails recordings, as you all know. So if you have something that isn't on the archive. Please get in contact with me so that I can take a look at it and preserve these fantastic performances.