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NotinCnStopMeNow's Live Recording Compilations

Below are all of NotinCnStopMeNow's live recording compilations that they have put out over on EchoingTheSound for many years. I thought I would keep them here to preserve and so people can download a handful of great Nine Inch Nails live mix tapes from over the years.

a mix of all that was (1988-2000)
DOWNLOAD: .Zip File MP3, 272.7 MB

This four disk cd set contains one of each song every played by NIN live (from 1988-2000). Each track is possibly the best performance of the song. The songs were picked because of some quality that others lacked such as unique lyrics, interesting sounds, instrumental solos, or because of something that makes them stand out. Because of this the sound quality isnít always the best. I apologize in advance for the sound quality of Closer To God, Heresy, and Kinda I Want To. Altogether this collection of songs sounds like one concert, but for reasons out of my control song changes are sometimes obvious.

in this twilight (2005-2007)
DOWNLOAD: .Zip File FLAC, 1.8 GB

I collected 120 bootlegs of NIN concerts from 2005-2007 and have put together a track listing of 60 songs, one of every song played live during this time frame. Each track is, in my opinion, the "best performance" of the song. I mixed them together to sound, to the best of my ability, like one continues concert. There are some obvious examples of where the tracks change but for the most part it flows pretty nicely. The songs were picked because of some quality that made them stand out to me such as unique lyrics, interesting sounds, instrumental solos, or something else completely like Trent getting pissed off at the audio or visual guys.

a million miles away (2008)
DOWNLOAD: .Zip File FLAC, 1.3 GB

AMMA is a collection of one of every song that was played live during the 2008 Lights Over North/South America Tour. I went through every concert that was taped and found what I thought to be the "best" performance of each song and mixed them all together to make it sound like one concert. All tracks are FLAC sourced.

all that there ever was (1988-2008)
DOWNLOAD: .Zip File FLAC, 3.1 GB

Pretty much right after I finished AMMA I made a playlist using all of my projects and started to compare the tracks between the mixes. This is where the idea for (is this really) "All That There Ever Was" came from, and ok so I like the song 1,000,000 a bit much. Eventually I picked out the best tracks, in my opinion, and started mixing. This is not a copy and paste job what so ever. All the tracks are redone and remixed using their original sources and not from my past projects. All the tracks are lossless sourced except for "The Great Below" and "The Way Out Is Through", I like these versions way too much and they only have lossy sources.

banged and blown through (2009)
DOWNLOAD: .Zip File FLAC, 2.6 GB

Nine inch nails banged and blown through is a live audio compilation from the 2009 tour. One source of every song played live from this time frame were complied together to make one continuous concert. The sources for each song were chosen for a reason that made them stand out over all the others. Sometimes the sources had unique and/or emphases on lyrics and instrumentals while other had fuckups that somehow made them better. I was at the Webster Hall concert in NYC so the first part of the compilation is inspired by that nightís performance. The rest of the track list was created based on track flow and what sounded good to me. All of the encores from the final nights of the wave goodbye club tour were used throughout the compilation. The source of the song "In This Twilight" is from the final night and it is the last nine inch nails song played live, so enjoy it.

a mix... there ever was (1988-2009)
DOWNLOAD: .Zip File FLAC, 3.9 GB

If you are familiar with my past projects then this one is pretty self explanatory. This is a best of the best of my previous 5 projects (A Mix Of All That Was, In This Twilight, A Million Miles Away, All That There Ever Was, Banged And Blown Through) and my last NIN project ever, unless they tour again. This is the best sounding, or most interesting in alot of cases, source of each NIN song ever played live all mixed together to sound like one long continuous concert. All of these tracks are from bootlegs recorded by fans and none are of official nature. The main setlist is 8 hours and 15 minutes long, with another bonus set that is 3 hours and long that contains tracks done with other artists joining NIN on stage. Tracks range from 1988 through 2009 and it is very interesting to hear the differences in the way the band sounded throughout the years.

hallucinate in high fidelity (2013-2014)
DOWNLOAD: .Zip File FLAC, 1.8 GB

nine inch nails hallucinate in high fidelity is a compilation album created from live concert recordings from the 2013-2014 tours. One source of every song taped over the two year span was selected by me and mixed together into one set. Each song was selected based on what “sounded the best”. This could be an extra fuck here or there, an instrumental gem, or simply what sound fit in best for the album. There were 90 concert sources that the tracks were selected, from that 30 were used in this album with 60 total tracks.

nothing left to lose (2017-2018)
DOWNLOAD: .Zip File FLAC, 2.4 GB

This is my live audio compilation project from the 2017-2018 tour cycle. This project has one version of every song played live during this time, mix altogether to sound like one giant concert. Songs are edited in many ways so that each flow nicely into the next and you shouldn't have to adjust the volume much during the 6 hour 20 minute set. I chose each song source based on what I thought was the “best”. Could be because of unique lyrics, interesting fuck ups, things that Trent said, or simply because it just sounded fucking awesome. I added more of my comments to some songs in the comments text file. Enjoy!

over and over again (1988-2018)
DOWNLOAD: .Zip File FLAC, 5.7 GB

30 years of live NIN. 211 tracks, 15 hours and 47 minutes long.

When Everything Is Said and Done (2022)
DOWNLOAD: .Zip File FLAC, 2.07 GB

Nine Inch Nails, "When Everything Is Said and Done" is my live audio compilation of the 2022 tour. There are a total of 63 tracks, consisting of "one" version of every song played mixed together to song like one concert. There is also a 10 track bonus set with tracks that didn't fit in the main set for reasons. I recomend listening to the bonus set on its own but it is mixed to flow into the main set. This clocks in at just over 5 hours. All tracks are edited to maintain the flow to the best of my abilities. I chose each track based on what I felt was the best sounding version of each song. It could be the perfect fuck placement by Robin, Trent singing in a special way that moistens your pants, or just having the sound quality that fits.

Silver CD Bootlegs

Below you can find all of the actual "bootleg" CDs (or "Silvers" as I like to call them) that have been pressed over the years. Before the internet and the ease of sharing concert recordings via lossless files, there was more of a market for these "bootleg" CDs. You would usually see these in record stores for astronomical prices because the person who would record the show would send their master tapes overseas to some bootleg company who would then press these to a disc. These were not burned discs and they were professionally copied. Obviously, dual discs in order to fit the whole performances were scrapped because it was more to manufacture a double disc release. So these bootleg companies would omit a few songs to make sure they fit to one disc. Hence why some of these releases are incomplete. If the performance was shorter (mostly the 89-91 sets) they would add bonus tracks from other recordings that were available. At the archive, we don't condone bootlegging and to be honest, it has pretty much fallen by the waistside the last 20 years or so thanks to the internet and everything being so readily available. If we do see something that isn't out there, we try and liberate it. Below are silver CDs that we have in the collection that you can download in full. Over time, you'll be able to click the link and there will be a page with the overview of the silver CD, cover art and the download of it inside. But for now, each link will download a zip file of the pressed CD. If you notice that there isn't one on this list, please get in contact so I can add it. Thanks and enjoy!

A Demon Possessed - .ZIP File FLAC (449 MB)

Tracks 01-08: 04/07/1990 Chicago, Metro
Tracks 09-10: 07/23/1991 Laguna Hills, Irvine Meadows
Tracks 11-13: 09/01/1991 Rotterdam
Tracks 14-15: 07/12/1991 New Orleans, Tipitina's

A Thousand Pleasures - .ZIP File FLAC (855.7 MB)

Tracks 01-19: 10/03/1994 Los Angeles, Universal Amphitheater
Tracks 20-28: 1988 Cleveland @ Right Track (also on Purest Feeling)

Back In Anger - .ZIP File FLAC (949.4 MB)

10/11/1995 St. Louis, Riverport Amphitheater - Mislabeled as an "FM Broadcast" in order to get around EU copyright. This is the soundboard recording that is on the archive from the DAT master.

Children of the Night - .ZIP File FLAC (430.8 MB)

10/11/1995 St. Louis, Riverport Amphitheater - This silver CD was released and is missing a few of the NIN/Bowie tracks. Due to the time constraint of the CD so that it could be a one CD release. This is the soundboard recording that is on the archive from the DAT master.

Coming Down Fast - .ZIP File FLAC (587.1 MB)

05/05/1994 New Orleans, State Palace Theatre (NOT ATLANTA 1994)

Crossed Nails - .ZIP File FLAC (449.9 MB)

04/20/1994 Seattle, Moore Theatre - (NOT 04/23/1994 PORTLAND) The news article that is included in this folder from the Oregonian from 4/23/1994 states that Trent was not mad at the crowd at all this night. But in this recording you hear him yell about how the fans were in their seats during "Sin". The article states that in Portland, Trent Reznor talks about how lame the 04/20/1994 crowd is. We've also got a DAT copy of the actual recording from Ed P.

Demos & Remixes

Maybe Soon.

Familiar Sting - .ZIP File FLAC (505.4 MB)

04/19/1994 Seattle, Moore Theatre

Feel The Pain - .ZIP File FLAC (412.8 MB)

10/11/1995 St. Louis, Riverport Amphitheater - This bootleg is mislabeled as Camden/Philadelphia which is not correct. This is the Marshall Stacy soundboard from Maryland Heights. This show is commonly mislabeled as Mountain View, Raleigh and Camden. All of which are incorrect. We have the DAT master soundboard copy on the site for download. This one is edited pretty heavily with Terrible Lie and the end with Eraser into the Bowie portion of the set. This is available for historical preservation.

Hammar Hard - .ZIP File FLAC (331.8 MB)

06/26/1990 Dallas, The Video Bar

Hammering It Home 94 - .ZIP File FLAC (504.1 MB)

05/26/1994 London, Forum

Hole In Your Head - .ZIP File FLAC (542.9 MB)

04/27/1994 Los Angeles, Hollywood Palace

Homeboy Renzor - .ZIP File FLAC (452.3 MB)

12/29/1994 Dayton, Hara Arena - Yes, the bootleg title was spelled wrong on the release!

Killer Instinct - .ZIP File FLAC (417.4 MB)

Tracks 01-07: 03/10/1990 Boston, MA
Tracks 08-13: 09/10/1991 Birmingham, England

Mansons Revenge - .ZIP File FLAC (417.4 MB)

12/03/1994 Boston, Boston Gardens

March of the Devil - .ZIP File FLAC (571.4 MB)

11/21/1994 Tampa, Exposition Hall

Missletwister - .ZIP File FLAC (411.7 MB)

07/01/1990 Melbourne, Powerstation

Monsters In Space - .ZIP File FLAC (465.2 MB)

09/17/1995 Hershey, Hershey Park Stadium

Mud Pigs - .ZIP File FLAC (420.4 MB)

08/13/1994 Saugerties, Woodstock 1994

Nails In My Head - .ZIP File FLAC (559.6 MB)

After cross-referencing every single NIN recording from 1994, it has finally been established that this recording is NOT from 12/31/1994 Detroit and is the 09/05/1994 St. Paul date.

Nassau 95 - .ZIP File FLAC (844.3 MB)

01/06/1995 Uniondale, Nassau Coliseum

Painful Convictions - .ZIP File FLAC (899 MB)

Purest Feelings Demos + 08/13/1994 Saugerties, Woodstock 1994

Purest Feeling - Soon

Purest Feeling II - Soon

Reznor Sharp - .ZIP File FLAC (486 MB)

08/13/1994 Saugerties, Woodstock 1994

Rusty Nails - Soon

Rusty Nails Vol. 2 - Soon

Self Destruction Men - .ZIP File FLAC (509.2 MB)

05/04/1994 Houston, International Ballroom

Shallow Grave - .ZIP File FLAC (522.9 MB)

05/26/1994 London Forum - Mislabeled as 05/25, but this is the same soundboard recording as the third night and what you hear on Hammering It Home 94.

Show Up Or Throw Up - .ZIP File FLAC (504.9 MB)

Tracks 01-06: 10/31/1988 New York, Irving Plaza
Tracks 07-15: 08/01/1991 St. Paul, Harriet's Island, Lollapalooza

Slaughter In The Air - Soon

Slaves - .ZIP File FLAC (318.5 MB)

07/12/1991 New Orleans, Tipitina's

Solid Gold Hell - Soon

When The Whip Comes Down - Soon

You Can't Stop Us - Soon