02/25/2024: I Am Still Here. . . NIN Audio/Video Drive Torrent Updates

2023 did not see too many updates here on the archive. Sadly, it did see that most of the NIN Live Archive's social media accounts were permanently disabled sadly to wrongful AI claims. I do sometimes miss communicating with other fans on these social media outlets in order to talk about our favorite band. But as everything that is good, it at some point, comes to an end. I am still glad that I am able to run this site. A lot of things personally happened in 2023 and it may have hindered the work here on the archive. But I hope to continue some work here this year.

First off, I have finally finished updating the NIN Audio Drive v5.0 and the NIN Video Drive v2.0. I am very excited to finally finish both of these and release them to the public. Basically, if you want both drives, you will need about 3TB of hard drive space to download them. I am sorry to people who have the previous versions of them. But I have made a new directory when downloading the torrent that will now be universal whislt downloading the new versions, and any other version moving forward. I know it is frustrating. But I am trying to help out with new updates moving forward. If you want, you can check the RSS feed that is on the side of the home page here and see what sources are being added/upgraded. You can keep your NIN Drive updated manually if you desire. As I don't see too many updates coming through the next year until there is a new tour cycle. You can download the new NIN Audio/Video torrents here. As well as read more about it.

My next goal is to create a database driven site. It will help people search the recordings on the nin live archive, as well as help me with editing pages/sources. I am very fortunate to have a few people behind the scenes who have been willing to help me take on this endeavor. I hope to have a new look to the archive come the summer time. Maybe even sooner. So stay tuned. I will continute to try and fine new sources for upgrading on the archive and hopefully have some cool things to add in the future.

As always, I am forever looking for upgrades or recordings that are not available on the archive currently. If you would like to contribute your recordings, or need help transferring them, please get in contact at info@ninlive.com. Thank you.

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