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Nine Inch Nails: Wave Goodbye Atlanta 2009/05/10 DVD

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A few weeks ago, Matt Widner e-mailed me about a project he has been working on for the past few years. With the torrent of festival shows/streams being available almost immediately, I did not want this release to go unnoticed. This is the full 05/10/2009 Atlanta performance on DVD! All audience shot footage with a spectacular audio mix that you can download here. The video is fantastic and I have watched it a few times since I received it. Matt did a great job on the edit and I hope that everyone enjoys the release! I thank him for sharing it with RITC and to allow us to host it for download. Below you will find some words from Matt Winder, who overlooked the project, as well as edited the video. To download the DVD, simply download the torrent file linked below and enjoy! - Ryan

A note from Matt Winder:
In 2009 I began working on the largest video project I had ever done, compiling audio and video of the May 10, 2009 Nine Inch Nails concert in Atlanta. The main significance of this show is that it was the only one to feature a guest appearance in the initial North American Wave Goodbye Tour. The appearance of Saul Williams was a suprise to all, and made the show memorable. I was fortunate to have several people jump on board immediately, including Atlanta musician Tricil, Adam L, Greg D, and Josh D. At some point, Ash and the people at TOIOU got interested and offered their support as well. Our intent was to release this as a TOIOU project. As I continued to compile sources, Tricil mixed a great version of the concert and released it through In the meantime I finished my first mind-numbing edit of the concert and submitted it. After the folks at TOIOU raked me over the coals, which in-turn really helped me want to get better at editing, I started on my second edit. Unfortunately, I quickly burned myself out and became disgusted with the whole thing. It was also at this time I had a major change in my job, bought a house, and had a son. I continued to work on the edit off and on, but never finished. Now, 4 years later, NIN is back on tour. I decided that this concert would never ever meet the high standards for a TOIOU release, and I don't have the time or desire to make it that way. The video is plagued in a few spots by lack of quality available footage. Songs like Gave Up, Head Down, THTF, HLAH, and 1,000,000 really lacked available video. Whereas songs like Reptile had so much it was hard to deal with. Eventually, I came to a point where I was satisfied, and really wanted to get it out to the world. I offered the final copy to Ryan and the great folks at Reflecting In The Chrome, who I knew would take great care of it and get it to fans quickly. So here, for the first time is the complete recording of Nine Inch Nails: Wave Goodbye Atlanta.

I need to take a moment and thank everyone who submitted video. I also need to apologize for snagging lucidfox's amazing video from YouTube. I tried to contact you several times, so I hope I did your work well, and thank you for what you posted online! I would also like to thank Tricil for his support and work, as well as Adam, JB, and radiokid311 for their great audio sources. Thank you to NIN, and Rob Sheridan, and Lakewood Amphitheatre for helping make such a great show happen, and for giving fans the chance to document their concert experience. Thank you to Ash, Shreena, Maxwell, and Nick at TOIOU for their support, critiques, and encouragement. I had my feelings smashed, but it made me better, so thank you for teaching. Thank you to Ryan for helping distribute this to fans. He's done so much for bringing the live experience to NIN fans around the world, it's only fitting that he helps release this too. For those who shared in the experience that night, I hope this brings back great memories of an awesome show, and for those who weren't it with us!

Share and enjoy! Thank you! Matt Widner Co-Director/Editor

Download The Performance:

Torrent File (Few kb's) - 6.72 GB DVD

2009.05.09 Atlanta, Lakewood Amphitheater Setlist

    March of the Pigs
    Something I Can Never Have
    The Becoming
    Head Down
    Mr. Self Destruct
    The Big Come Down
    Gave Up
    Gone, Still
    Survivalism (w/ Saul Williams)
    Banged and Blown Through (Saul Williams Song)
    Down in It
    The Hand That Feeds
    Head Like a Hole