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Although the nin live archive has had a presence on social media since 2008. There have been multiple "attacks." Or should I say, reporting of the social media profiles stating that the archive has violated usage agreements or that this page has been "impersonating." It first happened with the FaceBook page a handful of years ago that saw the page banned, with no reason given. Only until recently the YouTube page had been restricted on uploads and not able to provide links in our descriptions. A week after that, our Instagram was permanently disabled without warning. I reached out to NIN management and said they knew nothing about it. Which I was very certain they would have notified me about. It has me wondering if someone wrongfully reported me.. Which is a real shame.

Social media was a great way to gather new information and sources of older shows. I don't think nin live's social media pages ever intended to 'impersonate' the band and it was flat out said it was a fan page/website. I don't think you can really violate any terms of usage by posting photos of ticket stubs, setlists, concert photos/video from fans or recordings that are availble on the archive. No commercially available media was used. Again, just a shame. It was a nice way to connect with other fans to talk about our favorite band. I don't have the energy to create new accounts and start over. So please, spread the word about the archive if you can. It is the only way for more people to know about it and potentially find more recordings. I hope whomever maliciously had it out to disable these accounts sleeps well.

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