03/16/2020: An Archive Update and Thank You:

I recently updated everyone who has supproted the archive through the GoFundMe Page while I am finishing my degree. I know it’s been a long time since I have last updated everyone. I apologize for this. My goal was to keep adding things and find new recordings. Well, in the 1.5 years since I started this donation page while I am in school, I have added 132 video recordings to the archive as well as just about 120 audio sources! Some of the audio sources are upgrades to things that are on the archive already, which is great! I hope to keep adding things as I receive them in my free time. You can read more about my schooling, new tapes and a physical release of something cool by clicking the image below. Keep checking back to the archive as I will still be adding stuff regularly!

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11/16/2019: The NIN Live Archive's Top Recordings:

As I listen to almost every recording that I upload onto the archive. Fans have been asking me what my favorite recordings are on the site. So for 10 years of the site, here is my 10(ish) recordings that I love and listen to a lot. Whether it's in the car, while I'm studying, or working out. These recordings are always in my rotation of music. If you have 32 hours of free time, you can listen to what I think are essential Nine Inch Nails recordings and performances.

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08/20/2019: Welcome to the Nine Inch Nails Live Archive:

Welcome to the small corner of the internet that pertains to everything Nine Inch Nails' live! From here, you can browse and download almost 1,100 different audio recordings from 642 concerts, as well as over 150 video recordings dating all the way back to 1988. This includes other performances from Trent's related acts as well. To keep up to date with what is being added, check the archive updates column to the right on this page. I also have social media accounts to help make people more aware of this project in order to unsurface recordings that are not here on the archive. You can follow the archive on many of the standard sites here. In order to browse the archives, click the "NIN LIVE ARCHIVES" tab above to browse each year that includes every tour. Click on the "NIN DRIVE" tab if you wish to download everything that has been added to the archive in audio format thus far (v3.0 is the most recent, more updates to follow).

I am always looking to add more recordings to the archive. Any source is welcome to the archive (including an extra source for shows that have recordings available!). I am able to transfer just about any sort of media you can think of. DAT, MD, CD, Cassette, Microcassette MiniDV, HDV, VHS etc. etc. Nothing is off limits. This site is here to preserve all of Nine Inch Nails' performances over the years and I would love to gather anything possible. This also includes any setlists, ticket stubs, posters that aren't already here on the website. Please get in contact or send me a message on one of the other social media sites. I would love to chat!

Take a look around! Hope you enjoy listening back to a show you have seen in the past. A lot of great stuff in here.

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Need Your Help NIN Fans:

NIN fans, I need some help from you!! I am looking for any ticket stub/poster/setlist sheet from any past Nine Inch Nails shows! A lot of you have been awesome already and sent me in a few hundred concert stubs to add to the archive, THANK YOU! But obviously, there are still a lot to acquire! Check the date in the archive to see if there is a stub, if not, please send it over! Photos or scans are totally fine!

I am always looking for new sources. If you have taped Nine Inch Nails in the past, audio or video, and do not see it here on the site. Please get in contact with me via email, twitter, smoke signals to have it added to the archive! I am always looking to add more information to unknown recordings here at the site to make it the most comprehensive and detailed archive possible. If you do not have the means to transfer the tape, I can transfer almost every since piece of media you throw at me if you send it over! I will send it back in a reasonable amount of time.

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