NIN Live: 2013

October 05, 2013, Cleveland, OH, Wolstein Center

Copy of A
Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
All Time Low
Come Back Haunted
Find My Way
The Frail
The Wretched
Into The Void
A Warm Place
Somewhat Damaged
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole
Even Deeper
In This Twilight
While I'm Still Here - Black Noise

Show Memorabilia

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Known Recordings

Source 1: Audio - AUD (DPA 4060 + DPA MPS6030 + Sony PCM-M10)
Taper: RyanJ
Time: 120 minutes
Rating: 4 out of 5
Hear a Sample: All Time Low, 2 Minutes
Download the Full Show: .Zip File FLAC, 752.2 MB
Added to Archive: October 06th, 2013
Average recording. Stood in about the same spot that I did for Toronto. A few talkers to my right, but they are not on the tape as much as I thought they would. It was recorded in 24/48 and that is available on the NIN Drive. This is the 16 bit version.

Source 2: Audio - AUD (Core Sound HEB 4060 (Base Rolloff On) + Sony PCM-M10)
Taper: JB
Time: 121 minutes
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Hear a Sample: Came Back Haunted, 2 Minutes
Download the Full Show: .Zip File FLAC, 724.4 MB
Added to Archive: October 09th, 2013
Good recording, recorded 3/4 of the way back to the soundboard from the stage. The version available for download is the 16 bit version. The 24/96 version is available on the NIN Drive.

Source 3: Video - Audience Multicam, "An Echo Of An Echo Of An Echo"
Taper: Multicam x30
Time: 121 minutes
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Watch On YouTube: YouTube - RadioShow Picture
Download the Full Show: .zip file MP4 - 720p, 5.52 GB
Added to Archive: March 07th, 2021
A true understatement taking 30 camera angles and placing them into a multicam. I received the final cut of this from RadioShow Pictures to preserve on the archive. The audio is a matrix of source 1 and 2 above. Most of the concert's footage comes from the Cleveland show, but there are a few gaps filled in with footage from previous nights. But not too many. Very cool film for those who were there!