NIN Live: 2013

November 09, 2013, Phoenix, AZ, US Airways Center

Copy of A
Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
All Time Low
Come Back Haunted
Find My Way
Various Methods of Escape
The Frail
The Wretched
In Two
A Warm Place
Somewhat Damaged
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole
All The Love In The World
Even Deeper
While I'm Still Here - Black Noise

Show Memorabilia

Tension 2013 Posters 2013/11/09 Ticket 2013/11/09 Ticket

Known Recordings

Source 1: Audio - AUD (DPA 4060 + MMA6000 + Sony PCM-M10)
Taper: Dunebug81
Time: Unknown
Rating: 5 out of 5
Hear a Sample: All The Love In The World, Full
Download the Full Show: Not Available
Added to Archive: November 10th, 2013
Dunebug has taped many concerts and they are all in really good quality. Only a few song samples have been released for a few shows. I am only posting this here just to confirm there is a recording for this show.

Source 2: Video - AUD (Canon HF200)
Taper: CreativePixElation
Time: 125 minutes
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Stream Online: Watch on YouTube
Download the Full Show: .zip file MP4-1080p, 3.1 GB
Added to Archive: July 4th, 2021
Ripped from YouTube thanks to Fillow. CreativePixElation has filmed a handful of shows since 2005. I have not been able to get copies from the master files and these have a watermark in the bottom left corner. Filmed from the rear of the venue, slightly off center. It's a good video recording from the Tension Tour.