NIN Live: 2014

May 21, 2014, Cardiff, UK, Motorpoint Arena

Pinion/The Eater of Dreams
Copy of A
The Beginning of the End
Letting You
March of the Pigs
Something I Can Never Have
The Becoming
Gave Up
Me, I'm Not
Came Back Haunted
The Great Destroyer
Hand Covers Bruise
Beside You In Time
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like a Hole

Known Recordings

Source 1: Audio - AUD (Sony ECM-717 + Sony PCM-M10)
Taper: TM
Time: 97 minutes
Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Hear a Sample: The Becoming, 2 Minutes
Download the Full Show: .Zip File FLAC, 435.7 MB
Added to Archive: January 11th, 2015
Took a while for this one to get out because it needed some work. This was a recording done with my traveling rig that I lent out to NIN fans to record some shows. TM recorded a few shows during this past tour in Europe. Sadly, some of the recordings aren't salvageable as the mic crapped out during their travels. This was one of those shows. The mic sometimes comes back and you can see that it would be a fantastic tape. Most of the mid-range is missing from the tape. This is the only known source from this show.