NIN Live: 2018

June 27, 2018 - Amsterdam, Netherlands, AFAS Live

Copy of A
Less Than
Shit Mirror
Ahead Of Ourselves
God Break Down The Door
The Lovers
Find My Way
The Day The World Went Away
The Beginning of the End
Gave Up
The Great Destroyer
Came Back Haunted
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like a Hole

Show Memorabilia

06/27/2018 Amsterdam Litho 06/27/2018 Amsterdam Litho 06/27/2018 Amsterdam Litho 2018/06/27 Ticket

Known Recordings

Source 1: Audio - AUD (Olympus LS-5 + Internal Mics)
Taper: Rudd_A
Time: 98 minutes
Rating: 4 out of 5
Hear a Sample: Closer, 2 Minutes
Download the Full Show:
.Zip File FLAC, 1.1 GB - 24-Bit
.Zip File FLAC, 558.6 MB - 16-Bit
Added to Archive: July 3rd, 2018
Always impressed with how the internal mics are on flash recorders nowadays. Fillow made me realize I was a bit harsh with the rating on this one and I have relistened to it while I was updating the page to add the multicam. We are all human and my rating does not totally reflect the tapes as everyone's opinion is different on sound. Overall it is a good tape and if Rudd or anyone is ever offended with my rating. Tell me to piss off. Ha! Honestly doesn't matter what I think. - RJ

Source 2: Video - AUD (Multicam)
Taper: Edited by Fillow
Time: 98 minutes
Rating: 5 out of 5
Stream Online: Watch on YouTube
Download the Full Show: .zip file MP4-720p, 8.59 GB
Added to Archive: May 23rd, 2020
Fillow's notes, "What can I say. Another great show witnessed by yours truly in person. Footage is collected from over 40 people. Audio is by Rudd_A, taken from ninlive. Just want to add that the audio deserves a solid 4/5 score, IMO [it's been fixed :) ]. But of course it's subjective and likely influenced by a number of times I've listened to it by now."