NIN Live: 2022

September 18, 2022 - Chicago, IL, Douglas Park, Riot Festival

Somewhat Damaged
The Lovers
Less Than
March of the Pigs
Shit Mirror
God Break Down The Door
The Perfect Drug
Copy of A
Gave Up
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole
Even Deeper

Show Memorabilia

09/18/2022 Chicago Riot Fest Setlist 09/18/2022 Chicago Riot Fest Ticket

Known Recordings

Source 1: Audio - AUD (AT853 (4.7k mod) + Sony PCM-A10)
Taper: zeegrizzle
Time: 103 minutes
Rating: 5 out of 5
Hear a Sample: Heresy, 2 Minutes
Download the Full Show:
.Zip File FLAC, 562.3 MB - 16-Bit
.Zip File FLAC, 1.89 GB - 24-Bit
Added to Archive: September 19th, 2022
Zeegrizzle flew the day after the LA show to Chicago for Riot Fest. My brother and I met up with him prior to the festival and spent the day chilling. It was nice to reconnect with friends and family! We got in to the festival around 5 and we made a spot just in front of the soundboard for NIN, dead center. The sound was incredible (as usual) for Riot Fest. The first half of the show was just an onslaught of bangers. Really loved Heresy from this show. Z's capture is the best from the night. My recording was compromised with the wrong settings. Which, that's all good. This tape is amazing. We had a few talkers behind us, but the AT853s do great with the pattern they have reducing the amount of talking you hear from them. Was really grateful to see one last show on this tour with some of my good friends. Thank you again to Z for taping all these shows. He is an absolute beast and I feel like every tape he does he is getting better and better! As he just started taping in April. Very cool!

Source 2: Audio - AUD (Schoeps MK4s + Babynbox + Marantz PMD-620 (Oade Concert Mod))
Taper: RyanJ
Time: 103 minutes
Rating: 1 out of 5
Hear a Sample: None.
Download the Full Show:
Not Available.
Added to Archive: September 19th, 2022
Made another blunder with the mic attenuation setting on the Marantz. Even though the levels were peaking around -9 to -6 db, the sound is blown out with bass. It is not a good representation of this show and Source 1 is a vastly superior recording. This will not be released.

Source 3: Video - AUD (Panasonic ZS100 + Source 1 Audio)
Filmed By: RyanJ
Time: 99 minutes
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Stream Online: Watch on YouTube
Download the Full Show: .zip file M4V - 4K, 14.95 GB
Added to Archive: September 19th, 2022
Although my Schoeps tape was unlistenable, I still had the video recording I was doing as well. Plus with Zeegrizzle recording right next to me, and hearing how amazing the sound was from our vantage point. I had no worries! We were right in front of the soundboard dead center. The camera is pretty stable with moving action throughout the night. Some points of getting bumped by people. But the worst was at the end of 'Gave Up' when someone decided to try and crowd surf right behind me and I had no idea. I tried to move out of the way, but they grabbed my hat that had my microphones on them and ripped it off my head as they fell on me. Also (but at the time didn't know because I was worried about the recordings) lost my glasses and it made for a good time getting home the next day, ha! Last few seconds of Gave Up in to the Hand That Feeds is a little crazy. But thankfully my brother took the camera while I composed myself. Nothing gets you ready for getting clobbered by a failed crowd surfing attempt! The video and Z's audio together are really something. Really happy I was able to go to this show with Z and my brother and capture what we did. Great weather all day, as the forecast was supposed to be heavy rain by the end of NIN's set. Was thinking Day for Night 2017 all over again. Thankfully, didn't start raining until about midnight when we got back to our hotel.